Windows 4.0 RC - setDetectLipSuck issue



Using the C++ SDK, version 4.0 RC, I am getting an issue onImageResults whereby after this is called the first time, there is an exception.

In the call-stack I can see many lines for affdex::detector::setDetectLipSuck.

Setting frame_detector->setDetectLipSuck(false)… seems to have resolved it…


@michael_cox is this resolved?


<Waffle Waffle 20 chars>: No?


If you want a bit more information:

Windows 10
affdex.dll loaded by my dll, compiled with /MDd (or /MD for release)…

	frame_detector_->setDetectLipSuck(false); // makes it not crash


Can you explain us a little bit more, what are you trying to do? can you put in the stacktrace of the error? Our SDK does not support VS2017 runtime not sure how you bypassed that.


I am updating from a previous version to RC 4.0, and updating from VS2013 to VS2017.

I am processing frames, and have code that previously worked.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Our SDK does not support VS2017”, seeing as VS2015 and VS2017 are supposed to be binary compatible and it also does work with my mentioned work around.

I’ve just removed my work-around to get this stack trace… and strangely it does appear to be working… but the stack trace for onImageResult still looks odd…

# 73  Id: 27ac.9948 Suspend: 1 Teb: 00000017`1b120000 Unfrozen
Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
00000017`20dfeff0 00007ffc`bd47f929 MyAffdexDLL!AffdexFrameCallback::onImageResults(class std::map<int,affdex::Face,std::less<int>,std::allocator<std::pair<int const ,affdex::Face> > > * faces = 0x00000017`20dff6f8 { size=0x0 }, class affdex::Frame * image = 0x00000017`20dff6d0)+0x34 [c:\users\michaelcox\code\sbgsource3\vs\affdexframeconsumer\affdexframeconsumer.cpp @ 323]
00000017`20dff530 00007ffc`bd4c57fd affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x49b96
00000017`20dff760 00007ffc`bd4c6054 affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x8fa6a
00000017`20dffa50 00007ffc`bd4c62bc affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x902c1
00000017`20dffa80 00007ffc`bd4c60cb affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x90529
00000017`20dffac0 00007ffc`bd4c73ca affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x90338
00000017`20dffb00 00007ffc`bd4c7038 affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x91637
00000017`20dffb50 00007ffc`bd4c6ecd affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x912a5
00000017`20dffb80 00007ffc`d4db11e8 affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck+0x9113a
00000017`20dffbb0 00007ffc`d4db0e01 ucrtbased!register_onexit_function+0x4b8
00000017`20dffbf0 00007ffd`48851fe4 ucrtbased!register_onexit_function+0xd1
00000017`20dffc40 00007ffd`48def061 KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x14
00000017`20dffc70 00000000`00000000 ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x21


Any update?

This issue went away but has started happening again:

Exception at 0x7ffee425a388, code: 0xe06d7363: C++ exception, flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) in affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck

Exception at 0x7ffee425a388, code: 0xe06d7363: C++ exception, flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) in affdex_native!affdex::Detector::setDetectLipSuck


I believe this may be indicative of the frame_detector not being able to find a valid data directory…