Where is the Sales team or the Contact team of Affectiva?


If anyone from Affectiva is reading this, how can I contact you guys? I want to publish a game which uses Affectiva’s SDK for Unity on the App Store and Play Store. I have tried emailing the sales team various times on sales@affectiva.com. Tried the web form provided on your website to contact you guys. Called at least 10 times on the phone number provided on your website for the Boston office which goes straight to the automatic answering machine (even recorded a message). I have never even received any acknowledgement that any of my messages were received. I have been trying to contact for about 2 weeks now. I need to know about the pricing for using the SDK for independent developers like me. If somebody can help, that would be super awesome.


Hi @muhammad_umar, I apologize for the delay in response. I will ask the right person to reach out to you as soon as they can. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.


Hi @umang_mehta Thanks for the reply. The sales rep who contacted me “Tim” gave me such an informal response. He said that Affectiva is in the process of making a new policy in which they will charge $25K per year. And that’s it. Again trying to call your office, tried to email, to get some information. First Affectiva’s CEO announced at TechCrunch Disrupt that the SDK is free to be used by small companies earning less than $1 million a year. https://www.affectiva.com/news-item/affectiva-announces-free-sdk-and-apis-for-small-business-giphy-partnership/. Now the sales team says it is $25000 a year. That is so disappointing really. Secondly, no other information is provided as to how we actually pay that money or how we get the license. And again as usual nobody picks up the phone anymore and nobody replies to any email. This is really such an abhorrent customer service from Affectiva :frowning:

Can you please do me a favour and get me someone who can actually take responsibility for providing me with some decent level of customer service? I would be hugely thankful to you as I have a game that is ready to be released which uses the Affectiva Unity SDK and its been now 4 weeks that I have been trying to get some information from Affectiva. Secondly can you please also confirm if the new license really costs $25k for individual developers (earning less than a million a year)?