Valence and engagement not found in face.emotions

Currently, I am developing a web application using JS SDK to detect facial emotions.

I am using affdex.FrameDetector with all the metrics enabled (i.e. detector.detectAllExpressions(); detector.detectAllEmotions();, etc.)

When I do console.log() of the returned face object after “onImageResultsSuccess” it only shows the 7 emotions within the face.emotions object. Are valence and engagement available for FrameDetector mode? If so, what is the reason it’s not returning these values?

Here is a demo of the problem the output can be seen through inspect.

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It seems you were deleting valence and engagement on line #341 and #342. The SDK has all the 9 emotions enabled. I updated your code

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Thank you, this was code from a while ago and had forgotten about that line.

Sure not a problem. Is this on github? We can reference this as an example for FrameDetector is someone else needs it.