Using Affectiva with vuforia in unity3d



Hello, I am making AR game using vuforia, affectiva.

I want to make app which AR 3d modeling recognizes user’s face and responses accordingly when user expresses a feeling.

Using vuforia, I want to make smart phone display AR character through back camera.
Also Using affectiva, I want to make smart phone recognize user’s face through front camera.(These 2 things must be done at once)

I use vuforia and affectiva at once and problem seems to happen at camera part.
In vuforia configuration, I can set-up to use back camera. But in affectiva, I can use front camera basically and cannot set-up other options.
I already used vuforia, affectiva at once and did many set-up, but it didn’t work.(Only one function worked.)

Is there any ways to use affectiva and vuforia at once?

Thank you.


I am a newbie with Affectiva but I think you could modify Detector script provided with the Affectiva asset not to create its own WebCamTexture (I think that is how the class was called) and rather be able to work with a texture provided by a property setter.

This way you could share the vuforia’s texture with Affectiva, provided you can somehow get access to the texture used by vufoia.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for your kind Anwser. I’ll try!