Unity SDK: Redundant Streaming Assets


Currently, the Unity SDK adds 3 folders to /Assets/StreamingAssets:


Unity has no method of specifying per-platform streaming assets, and as a result, all three of these folders are included in all built apps. This unnecessarily adds an extra 10MB to the final build.

The three folders seem to be nearly identical - can you guys please merge these folders?

As an alternative, pre/post build scripts could be used to move the resources back and forth between a temporary folder and the StreamingAssets folder before and after builds, but it seems like overkill when the folders are basically identical.



Hi, yes, we’re aware of that issue, and plan to address it in our next SDK release for Unity.



I feel like I should balance my nagging with some positivity:
The detector seems to be very responsive and accurate, so very happy about that.

Thanks =)

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