Unity Affectiva plugin export to webGL



I want to use affectiva plugin on a web game. I am developping the game with Unity and i was using unity affdex plugin.
The problem is when I build the game on WebGL platform. I test it on Firefox and the game runs ok, but the camera not works.
On developer console puts:

“WebGLPlayer is not currently supported by Affectiva’s Unity Asset!”

is not posibble build on webgl with unity plugin?

Someone can help me?



Hi, sorry, the Unity plugin only supports iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS at this time. I’m not too familiar with the WebGL platform, but if it can use JavaScript code in HTML you could probably use our JavaScript SDK.


Hi, thanks for replying!

Yes, Im sure that I could use Javascript plugin, but I would want create all the game (with affectiva functionallity) on unity and build it for web…
Otherwise, I have to develop the game on unity on the one hand and the affectiva funcionallity (with Javascript Affdex sdk) on the other hand. And connect them in some way…

If it is not possible, I guess I’ll try it with other platform like cocos2d