Unable to process frames when using FrameDetector to process stream received from Kinect server


Hello, We’re developing programs based on the c# sample in your repository and We have an OnSent function to register our emotion client on our server, and an OnReceived function to receive messages and create packets and add these packets to a queue (BlockingCollection). In our main function we decode the packets, the decoding worked well and we got the width, length, timestamp and data of the frames, then we initialized an Affdex.frame using these data and called detector.process(frame). However in console we could only see OnReceived being called but noting being processed. And after that the program stuck and we got an error said: endofstream, Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.

It seems that our client keeps receiving and decoding message but never processing the frame we constructed. what does detector.process(frame) do? Does it print out or display anything on screen? we would expect to see the emotion values (especially attention) being print out on our console, is it convenient to give suggestions on how should we design our program?
Any help would be appreciated!


Hi, the process method will invoke the onImageResults listener callback method; is that getting called?


Thank you sir, after debugging with my teammates the problem had been solved and the onImageResults had been called.