Time Series Error Crashes App


I am processing UIImages and get the following error when an image is processed:
Source: void RTTimeSeries::Append(const int)(/Users/mightybuilder/.jenkins-slave/workspace/affdexface-sdk-ios/src/modules/core/TimeSeries.cpp LINE 424)

What is this and how can I fix it? Thanks.


Can you share how are you initializing the detector and if you’re manually calling processImage?


I call: afdxdetector?.processImage(mostRecentImage)
every 5 seconds on current image the camera processed.

I initialize the detector via: afdxdetector = AFDXDetector(delegate: self, discreteImages: false, maximumFaces: 1, face: SMALL_FACES)


By setting discreteImages to false, you’re initializing the detector to expect getting related images (e.g frames from a video). This means you should use processImage:atTime: and pass the timestamp of that image, instead of processImage

If you want to process unrelated images, then pass true to discreteImages and use processImage: