Talking and iris tracking?



@ahamino Is there a way to make Affdex accurate enough so that we can map a person talking and track a person’s iris?


I’m not sure what do u mean by iris tracking, can you please elaborate.
For talking, are you trying to identify when a person is speaking or are you trying to have a character follow the movement of the contours of the mouth?


Thank you for your reply.
By iris tracking I mean, if you roll your eyes, it positions can be tracked.

We are attempting the character to follow and mimic the talking.


@ahamino, suggestions please?

Additionally we have been hearing from our customers, they say the tongue, wink and lip depressor are giving false positive results, can you share a list of your strongest and least accurate classifiers.


@ahamino Waiting for your reply.


@sumesh_dugar We currently do not support IRIS tracking. In regards to your follow up question, based on our evaluation we feel Smile, Eye Brow Furrow, Eye Brow Raise and Nose Wrinkle are the strongest.