Sometimes faces are not found


HI :slight_smile:
I am using the SDK to get emotions from several images in a row and noticed that sometimes there’s no face found (I checked there definitely is a face and image quality is not bad). Has anybody an idea what reasons this could have?


There are a variety of things that can affect whether the SDK detects a face, for example:

  • the orientation of the face (pitch/yaw/roll). If the face is looking away from the camera too much, then it makes it more difficult for the SDK to recognize it as a face
  • the lighting (too bright or dark)
  • the size of the face in the frame (too small or large)
  • things that obscure parts of the face
  • insufficient contrast of the face with respect to the background

Admittedly, though, sometimes it’s difficult to tell in a given instance what the problem is.

Hope this helps.


It may be the lighting or contrast…
Thank you!


Closing this issue since it has come to a resolution.