Some expressions not available in Unity SDK


There are some expressions not listed in the Unity SDK output. From this list of metrics, the ones in bold are not available. Why is this, and is there any way to access these metrics? Valence is reported to be a combination of smile and cheek raise, but cheek raise is unavailable - does that mean that valence and smile will be equivalent?

  1. Attention
  2. Brow Furrow
  3. Brow Raise
  4. Cheek Raise
  5. Chin Raise
  6. Dimpler
  7. Eye Closure
  8. Eye Widen
  9. Inner Brow Raise
  10. Jaw Drop
  11. Lid Tighten
  12. Lip Corner Depressor
  13. Lip Press
  14. Lip Pucker
  15. Lip Stretch
  16. Lip Suck
  17. Mouth Open
  18. Nose Wrinkle
  19. Smile
  20. Smirk
  21. Upper Lip Raise


Hi, you’re correct; the list of supported Expressions in the current release of our SDK for Unity is documented here:

Valence is defined as “a measure of the positive or negative nature of the recorded person’s experience”. Calculating valence incorporates the smile metric as well as presence or absence of other expressions, so smile and valence will not be directly equivalent, although they would be correlated.