Segmentation fault


Hello Everyone,
i’m trying to analyse an image with affdex SDK (like the seconde exemple done by Abdelrahman Mahmoud )i’m using raspberry pi 3b running Raspbian stretch with gcc 6.3.0 ,but when i run the script with
./test-app image.jpg
i got this error (the same if i use .bmp image ):
segmentation fault
i tyied with an other image and i got this error :
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘Magick::ErrorResourceLimit’
** what(): test-app: memory allocation failed `download.png’ @ error/png.c/ReadOnePNGImage/2341**

i don’t know what to do !
help me please


How big is the image, and what else is running on your raspberry pi? That error indicates you are running out of memory.


hi thank you for your response ,all the images I’ve tried are bigger than 30x30 and i’m not running any other program
i booted also on console mode but unfortunately i got the same error


Try using images that are 320x240 or bigger. The 30x30 pixel size limitation is for the face size not for the global size of the image.


yes the image that i’m using contains only a face i’ve made a program with openCV to detect faces from the raspicam and crop only the face


do you get the same issue when using one of the sample faces from the metrics page?



Yes, i am getting the same error. I have tried to put different formats of images but issue has not been resolved.