SDK Support for Unity 2017 and License

  1. Is the Affectiva Unity SDK going to support or already supporting Unity 2017? The official website mentions Unity 5 as a pre-requisite, and I wonder if Affectiva has a plan to support Unity 2017.

  2. What’s the license policy for using the SDK? We have a plan to build a non-commercial, educational Unity-based game with Affdex enabled, and deploy our game at some schools in the U.S.


Hi juppy, Sorry for the delay. Yes, we support Unity 5+. I’ve personally tested our software on Unity 2017 and it works. I’ve updated the documentation to make that more clear.

The delay in answering the question has been due to the second part. In general, it’s best to talk directly to sales. As listed on , there is a 60-day free trial evaluation. Our sales are usually based on a small percentage of product revenue for software using our SDK. For details, it’s really best to talk to sales.