"Official" performance of Affdex?


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I would like to know if there is any published (peered review) about Affdex’s performance (detecting emotions, expressions, and AU)?

Currently, I only found published performance of AUs in Large-scale Affective Content Analysis: Combining Media Content Features and Facial Reactions
However, there were no publications on emotions and expressions detecting performance. The best things I could find are:

  • Reported performance http://discuss.affectiva.com/t/determining-accuracy/48:1 but not peered review
  • A peered review publication on CHI (AFFDEX SDK: A Cross-Platform Real-Time Multi-Face Expression Recognition Toolkit) : but no reported performance
    I wonder if there are some reported performance of detecting emotions and expressions on peered review publications.
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    PS: I have posted a similar question in “Emotion AI” but may be it is the wrong location so I make this post. Sorry for the duplication


Some of our accuracy numbers were published in 2016 at ICMI:


Some of our prior published papers are on our website:


Many of which contain accuracy numbers of the models used at the time with this being one of the more recent.


We will continue to work on publishing our findings in peer reviewed journals as time permits.

Affdex's performance (peered review)

Thank you very much for your information!