Looking for Documentation


I’m using the Linux C++ SDK, but the answer to my question will probably be valid for all other SDKs/APIs.

I wonder, what the range of values is that the result parameters can have? Is it always between 0 and 100 (which I somethimes had the impression that this might be the case)? And what do they mean, exactly? Are they ‘confidence’ values?

Please point me to the relevant documentation, since I didn’t find it, and have a nice weekend!



Hi Christoph,
The output values of the SDK metrics are levels of intensity.
Take smile for example, 0 to 30 would be a very subtle smile (pretty difficult for someone to notice), 30 to 70 would be a moderate smile and 70 to 100 would be a big smile.

If you look at Valence you will notice outputs from -100 to 100. Valence is an overall measure of how positive or negative a face is emoting with values above zero being positive and below zero being negative. The intensity levels follow the same basic outline as the above example working from -100 (the most negative) to zero (neutral) to 100 (the most positive).