Issue: Affectiva SDK crashing when compiled with aws sdk



When affectiva library is integrated into my application, which has dependency on aws sdk. Application crashes , once i removes aws sdk dependency module it works fine. From application dump, i can understand that is using aws sdk, which is clashing with my aws sdk module.

aws-sdk version : Latest codebase from github
gcc,g++ version : 4.9

  • How can aws sdk of my app and affectiva sdk run together or co exist ?
  • I also noticed some exception been thrown from your sdk, even when it is running normal.

I would like to know if am doing something wrong or some configuration is wrong.

Crash log and cmake info are attached in above github link.


Hi Nikhil, thanks for moving your question here.

I’ve started looking through your attachments. I assume that when you referred to “some exception being thrown from your sdk” above, you were referring to the memcheck warnings in run-normal-with-valgrind.txt"?

The first warning in that file related to boost UUIDs appears to be a known issue; apparently boost is intentionally using uninitialized memory as a source of randomness for their UUID generation.

The others in that file are all AWS-related, as far as I can tell. Some googling didn’t turn up anything useful. At the moment, I can’t say whether they’re significant or not.

Regarding the crash in Aws::Client::DefaultRetryStrategy when our SDK is integrated into your app, that will require some additional investigation. Do you think you could isolate out the relevant usage of the AWS SDK in your app that causes the problem, into a small project that we could use to reproduce it?


Sample app github URI :

Running instructions :

  1. Root folder cmake file has module toggle, by default both modules are enabled.So behavior will be aws test func works, but affectiva fails.
  2. Switch either one of the module and do clean build, run it to see each module works independently.
  3. For AWS SDK to work, it has to be build in GCC >=4.9.I have used latest AWS SDK

Please let me know if you need more details.

Nikhil VS


Thanks for the sample project, Nikhil, that should help our investigation.


FYI, I’ve been investigating this using your project, Nikhil, nothing to report yet, but I wanted to let you know we’re working on it.


Thanks for the update. Waiting for solution, so that i can complete integration of affective sdk into our system.


Hi, following up… we think the issue may be related to us using an older build of the AWS SDK and/or using a different gcc version. We plan to try rebuilding the AWS SDK, our SDK, and your test app with the same compiler version, and building your test app and our SDK with the same AWS sources. One question - if we move up to gcc 5.4 instead of just 4.9, would that work for you?


Yup no issues in moving to GCC 5.4.