iOS SDK missing some expressions


Many of the metrics on expressions are missing in the iOS SDK, to point out a few:

  1. Cheek Raise,
  2. Eye Widen,
  3. Jaw Drop,
  4. Lid Tighten,
  5. Lip Stretch,
  6. Smirk.
  7. Age

We are using Affectiva 3.0.0. Were these built into a later build?

Additionally, is there a way to identify eye wink on individual eyes.

There are some other variables being returned like intraocular distance, yaw, among others, can you point me to a documentation, that describes these additional variables too.



The iOS SDK release lagged behind the Android release for 3.0, so some expressions didn’t make it in until later. I would suggest updating to the latest iOS SDK (3.2.0) to obtain those metrics.

We do not identify eye wink on separate eyes in the SDK. You could analyze the facial points for the eyes to infer winking or closing by examining the distance between the upper and lower points of the eye.

For class documentation and documentation on the variables you requested, check out these links: and