iOS SDK Download



Sorry if this has been asked before. Is there an SDK download link available or are Cocoapods and Carthage the only options?




We’ve managed to compile and link Affectiva into our iOS app, but we have a confict with the version of Google Protocol buffers that another third party SDK uses. I don’t imagine you have an earlier version of the SDK that uses 2.4.1 of Google Protocol buffers?

Thank you!


No, we only support CocoaPods and Carthage


So, in our latest release v4.0.1, we statically link against TensorFlow v1.2.1 which uses protobuf v3.3.0.
But you can use v3.2.0 available on CocoaPods
pod 'AffdexSDK-iOS', '~> 3.2.0'


That resolved our issue. Thank you!


Closing this since its resolved.