How to use tensorflow in this version 4.0 SDK and AR_pack?


When i install version 4.0 SDK,i found that tensorflow and AR_pack exist in this source.Did anyone use it before?Give me some suggestions? Thank u.%E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE_20180305145134%E5%BE%AE%E4%BF%A1%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE_20180305145119


Well, I found out today that the tensorflow.dll is a new addition and it is now necessary to use the software, since it contains some of the dependencies of the Affdex.dll, but I’m not sure how to use the AR_pack yet (I’m still new to this ahah :sweat_smile:).

Here is a short explanation on the added features of the SDK: