How to record a result of detection




I am using csharp-sample-apps with camera and recorded video file(mp4).

And, I want to record a result of detection.
Please tell me the followings.

Is it possible to record a result of detection to text?
Or, Is it possible to indicate a result of detection to command prompt?

If these are possible, please teach me the way of these.

Thank you.



To make the best use of our resources and keep the content focused for the benefit of our customers, in this forum, we focus on questions or problems related to Affectiva’s SDKs.

For general programming questions, there are many resources on the web; I suggest a Google search for “C# how to write to file” or “C# how to write to console”.



Thank you for your reply.

I can understand your opinion adequately.
But what I want to know is not a general C# usage.

What I want to know is as follows.
When using the VideoDetector method of the Affdex class, is analysis result data stored somewhere?
If it is stored, where is it?
Are modules prepared to store analysis result data prepared?
How to define “Console.WriteLine” when displaying the analysis result of “Emotions” on the console using “Console.WriteLine”?
How to define “Streamwriter.Write” when saving “Emotions” analysis results using “Streamwriter.Write”?

Thank you.


Hi, the analysis results are delivered to the client app via the OnImageResults callback.

See for some details about how to set up the callback.

OnImageResults receives a dictionary of Face objects keyed by face ID. The Face class is documented here:

You can get whatever information you want out of the face class and write it to the console or a file.



Thank you for your reply.

I was able to indicate analysis result data to command prompt by your answer.
This problem was solved.

Thank you.


great, glad you got it working.