How to output a csv / excel file



Are there any methods for outputting the data obtained by analyzing a video into a file for data analysis? I’m thinking a csv file, or any file that excel can open / that can be organized correctly. Any help would be appreciated!


To clarify, I’m using the emotion SDK on osx


Hi, sorry, the SDK doesn’t have any built-in “output to CSV” functionality; you’d need to write that logic yourself.


Hi mgm428!

I wrote some code on Xcode to do exactly this with a .txt file. According to the interval that you set, the app rewrites the text file with the Affectiva SDK facial data metrics in JSON format. You can see the code here: Note: I worked on this for a research project.


Awesome work William. I know this was for iOS and MacOS, but if anybody reading this is interested in how to do this with Unity this blog discusses it and has sample code: