How to compile imagemagick in raspberrypi



I have installed affectiva sdk successfully in raspberrypi, and compiled header files to check whether the installation is proper or not. The installation seems to be proper, but for detecting emotion from the static image , ImageMagick library is required. I have installed Imagemagick 7, but how to compile the code in c++ so that it can run properly.


Hi, in order for us to assist, you’ll have to provide some details about the compilation errors you’re getting.


So basically, what i did, I installed ImageMagick in raspberrypi, and made a basic c++ script, in which i have only included #include"Magick++.h", then print a string. Now i tried compiling it using terminal by writing g++ main.cpp -I “dir1” -L “dir2”. so wanted to know what paths has to be passed. i tried giving include path and folder path, but it outputs no file name Magick++.h found.


This is solved now. Compilation is done.