Found Face id only called once


I got multiple onFaceLost calls, but only one onFaceFound.Should the calls not be alternating?

Face id 0 found at timestamp 0
Face id 0 lost at timestamp 34.9167
Face id 0 lost at timestamp 35.5833
Face id 0 lost at timestamp 46
Face id 0 lost at timestamp 125
Face id 0 lost at timestamp 125.083


Can you elaborate more on the application you are using? Is it our sample app? is this the entire log? Are you using the camera interface (Camera Detector) or frame stream (Frame Detector or Video Detector)


I use the VideoDetector with the parameter 30 FPS, 1 Face and LARGE_FACES. But with SMALL_FACES it’s the same. The video has 1920x1080 in portrait mode.
In the video I have a man sitting in front of the camera.
When the error occurs, the person looks to the left and his left eye is no longer visible. However, the whole head is always visible.
I used your C++ sampe code.


Hhmm, is the sample code you are referring to cpp-sdk-samples? ( If so then can you upload your video somewhere I can grab from to reproduce the issue.