Face to Emoji Mapper - How to display Emojis?


I would like to implement the Face to Emoji Mapper.
So far i got the CameraDetector example app running which shows values as Strings.
I set detector.setDetectAllEmojis(true);
How can i actually display the Emoji since it is not a String nor an ImageView?
I imagine something like emojiImageView.setImageResource(face.emojis.getDominantEmoji()); to apply the Emoji to an ImageView but i can not find any clue in the documentation how that works except that the return value is of type FACE.Emoji.

How can i simply display the return value of face.emojis.getDominantEmoji() ?

Or do i have to implement another library EmojiCompat and use the return value of face.emojis.getDominantEmoji().getValue()?

Thanks for your help!


You are on the right trackā€¦ calling getValue on a Face.EMOJI enum will return the numeric emoji value, which you can then use with an emoji font.


Thanks - Got it!
I am using this google library, works like a charm: