Error with affdex sdk


while runing the demo of the affdex sdk i receive this error,any idea about how to resolve it please??


This may help: FileNotFoundException when running sample app (C#)


i already did every single step he did, and yet it doesnt work


OK, can you provide more info? What demo app are you running? What version of Visual Studio are you using? Which version of the Affectiva SDK? Where do you have it installed? Thanks.


the demo code for using affectiva SDK provided in the video here is the code :

visual studio version : VS 2015
Affectiva SDK: AffdexSDK-4.0.0-615-win64
i installed it to (C:\Program Files\Affectiva)


here is the second part of the code


Take a look at Umang Mehta’s answer here, maybe helpful?


i didnt work any other suggestion please ??


Try using Dependency Walker ( to identify what you’re missing.


@rana_samy is this resolved?


yes, it is resolved thanks

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