Encounter an exception



I run the cpp-sdk-samples, and encountered an exception always. Output is the following:

Hit ESCAPE key to exit app…
Initializing Affdex FrameDetector
Setting the webcam frame rate to: 10
Max num of faces set to: 300
Face detector mode set to: SMALL_FACES
Encountered an exception while processing: Exception (std::runtime_error) encountered during Asyn processing::bufferConsumerTime stamps for successive frames not increasing. Previous timestamp=4.03299999, this time stamp=4.03299999
timestamp: 4 cfps: 1.$ pfps: 0.15 faces: 0
Stopping FrameDetector Thread

Here is the run time config.
VS 2013
Win 10 64

Could you help me find the reason?


Sounds like an issue with the timestamps on your input.


Yes, you are right. Thanks!