Does Frame copy the data?


Hello there,

I am currently playing around with your library. Doing so, I could not find out if your Frame-object copies the data or not if constructed. If not (just copies the pointer to the data like cv::Mat does in some cases) I could not find out who is responsible of freeing the underlying data (especially in the case where detector->process() does not return a result after asynchronous processing).



@dirk_faust_1 is this resolved?


Yes, but not by the answer given. I compared your internal held data-pointer against the one given into your Frame object and so found out that they differ. Thus, I assumed that the data is being copied.


This is how it works - user of the library is explaining how its internals work?


I don’t think that this question is important after we know (better: we still assume!) that the library copies the data, we are not responsible for handling their copy.