Does Affectiva's Unity SDK support WebGL builds?



Aim:- To create a video-game with Unity3D integrated with Affectiva’s emotion tracking SDK and deploy it on a web-server for experimenting.

I downloaded the sample application called EmoSurvival, which uses the Affectiva’s SDK for emotion detection. I was able to make it work on a standalone PC build and also export the build for WebGL. The game worked fine on firefox, but the webcam didn’t start to capture the real-time video for emotions. When I opened the console, I found the following logs there stating that Affectiva’s Unity Asset doesn’t support WebGL builds. I am lost now!
enter image description here


Hi, Affectiva’s Unity SDK supports the following Unity runtime platforms: (see

  • WindowsPlayer
  • OSXPlayer
  • IPhonePlayer
  • Android