Difficulties with running the example code



I have previously produced a little project that involves face recognition, and quite fortunately the work was featured in FastCo.design.
I found about Affectiva from this article : https://www.fastcodesign.com/90107859/to-use-this-interface-just-smile

I have been dependent on faceOsc and wekinator, I found it very limiting to distinguish more emotions and I want move on to using Affectiva SDK.
I have been coding in VS through openframeworks but I am quite new to the field and would much appreciate any helps regarding to the issues I am having.

To the point, I have downloaded the example from github, installed the dependencies through NuGet.

However, everytime I try to compile the project, I am keep getting the status " Unable to start program C:\Users\Freddie Honf\Documents\cpp-sdk-samples-master\cpp-sdk-samples-master\x64\Release\opencv-webcam-demo.exe’ The system cannot find path specified"

I know that this is very common error that people gets and I would like to appologise for issue that might not have any relation to the SDK but, I have tried to tweak things and understand what the issue was.
I cannot seems to get the code running. Is there a specific location that the folder need to exist?

Any help would be appreciated.



What is the version of the Windows SDK that you are using?


Thanks for reply,
I am using 3.4.1-575 version of Windows SDK


Can you rename the folder from C:\Program Files\Affectiva\AffdexSDK to C:\Program Files\Affectiva\Affdex SDK? And rebuild and rerun the sample app?