Detecting External Camera ID



Would appreciate advising how to reach an external camera ID to pass it at instantiating a camera detector.

CameraDetector camera = new CameraDetector(
The CameraId
If not specified, default=0
int cameraId,

The number of frames to capture per second.
If not specified, default=15
double cameraFPS,

The maximum number of frames processed per second
double processFrameRate,

The maximum number of faces to track
If not specified, DEFAULT_MAX_NUM_FACES=1
unsigned int maxNumFaces,

Face detector configuration - If not specified, defaults to FaceDetectorMode.LARGE_FACES
FaceDetectorMode.LARGE_FACES=Faces occupying large portions of the frame
FaceDetectorMode.SMALL_FACES=Faces occupying small portions of the frame
FaceDetectorMode faceConfig



The default ID on the windows machine would be the ID to the in-built camera on the machine. If you connect an external camera to the machine then it gets assigned to the next camera ID which would be 1. If you plan on using multiple camera’s then I would suggest you to connect the camera directly on the machine and not using a USB stick.