Data Collection FAQ


What data do the Emotion SDKs collect?

As of version 3.1, the mobile SDKs require access to the internet to collect anonymized usage information and metrics data.

  • Usage information – Number of video frames processed – Device make and model – App name and version – Affdex SDK platform and version

  • Metric data – We collect the predictions of the enabled expressions, appearances and emotions classifiers and the head angles.

Why do we collect data?

The data collected is used for improving the SDKs and in training new metrics to help developers understand their app users and improve their apps.

Can I access the data collected through my app?

Not yet, but we plan to roll out UIs and APIs to allow developers to get access to data collected through their apps.

Can the metrics data collection be disabled?

Yes, the metrics data collection can be disabled by a developer through an API call available in the SDK.


Thanks for the explanation.

What is the call? I cannot find it in the reference. Thanks in advance.


@joancarles-upv which SDK are you using?


@umang_mehta 3.3.40 Ubuntu


You can find detailed class level documentation of the Linux SDK here. You can disable analytics by this call to the detector.


Oh I missed it, thanks a lot!