Crashes in debug with Visual Studio 2017/2015


Hi, I have bin trying to run the Affectiva cpp demo using Visual Studio 2017/2015 with C++11, it runs in release mode but in debug it crashes on memory release in the FrameDetector:
please find the following call stack on where it crashed:
AffdexDemo.exe!free_dbg_nolock(void * const block, const int block_use) Line 996 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!_free_dbg(void * block, int block_use) Line 1030 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!operator delete(void * block) Line 21 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!std::_Deallocate(void * _Ptr, unsigned __int64 _Count, unsigned __int64 _Sz) Line 141 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!std::allocatoraffdex::FeaturePoint::deallocate(affdex::FeaturePoint * _Ptr, unsigned __int64 _Count) Line 824 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!std::_Wrap_alloc<std::allocatoraffdex::FeaturePoint >::deallocate(affdex::FeaturePoint * _Ptr, unsigned __int64 _Count) Line 1089 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!std::vector<affdex::FeaturePoint,std::allocatoraffdex::FeaturePoint >::_Tidy() Line 1954 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!std::vector<affdex::FeaturePoint,std::allocatoraffdex::FeaturePoint >::~vector<affdex::FeaturePoint,std::allocatoraffdex::FeaturePoint >() Line 892 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!affdex::Face::~Face() C++
AffdexDemo.exe!PlottingImageListener::draw(const std::map<int,affdex::Face,std::less,std::allocator<std::pair<int const ,affdex::Face> > > faces, affdex::Frame image) Line 324 C++
AffdexDemo.exe!main(int argsc, char * * argsv) Line 114 C++

How do I get around this?


The current windows SDK does not have VS2017 or VS2015 runtime. We are planning to do a release soon which has our latest and updated models with the VS2015 runtime support. For the time you will have to downgrade to VS2013 runtime.