Can I Run Android Emotion SDK in Background SERVICE?



This is Venkittu , Now I’m working in Android Emotion SDK.

It’s awesome sir… now i need to run Your android Emotion SDK in Background SERVICE and get Emoji in

So can you please suggest some idea


Hi, please refer to the ServiceFrameDetectorDemo in the Android SDK samples repo on Github, that should give you some ideas.



Thanks for your valuable suggestion…I got your ServiceFrameDetectorDemo SDK.
Now I’ve one doubts . I can’t get EMOJI from human gestures. only get Toast like as Face Found ,lose
face. So can you suggest me for how can i get EMOJI from human face gestures like as expressions,emotions,appearance.

Venkittu S


Hi, please see the SDK documentation at

To get emoji results from the SDK, first enable emojis by calling frameDetector.setDetectAllEmojis(true); (prior to calling frameDetector.start()), and then process the returned emoji data in your onImageResults callback.