CameraDetectorDemo keeps stopping


I am new to developing android apps and using the Affdex SDK. I tried a couple of things, starting from following the instructions on one of your youtube videos (Toby Cabot - Android - Emotion AI Developer Day 2016) to create a project from scratch over to cloning the github examples (Affectiva/android-sdk-samples as well as Affectiva/affdexme-android). I tried not to change anything, just installed all the requirements without updating gradle or something.

The first error i encountered was the following: install_failed_no_matchin_abis: failed to extract native libraries, res=-113.
This i solved by adding the following code to the build.gradle files:
splits {
abi {
enable true
include ‘x86’, ‘armeabi-v7a’, ‘x86_64’
universalApk true

Right now i can install my app on an emulated device (i tried using android 10, API 29 and android 8, API 26), but when i start for example the CameraDetectorDemo it crashes immediately. The VideoDetectorDemo shows the proper interface but as soon as i load a video for analysis it crashes aswell.

The AffdexMeDbg also crashes on start.

Thank you in advance and best regards,