CameraDetector throws 'Failed to initialize, invalid data folder'


I just installed the 4.0.0 Windows SDK and I am unable to use the CameraDetector, as it is throwing an error during initialization. After I set everything, and even using the ‘data’ folder from the Program Files, I get the error Affdex.AffdexException: ‘Failed to initialize, invalid data folder’. This is my code, and the error is raised on ‘.start();’

 _detector = new CameraDetector(cameraIndex, 15, 30);


            _detector.setClassifierPath("C:\\Program Files\\Affectiva\\AffdexSDK\\data");

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known Issue? I saw someone posting a similar problem in December 2017. Is the Windows SDK still a thing or is it discontinued?

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Got the same problem.