Calculate Engagement

Engagement is based on 4 elements: F1(Pupils), F2(Head), F3(eyebrow), F4(Mouth),
based on the calculation Engagement = .26F1+.11F2+.3F3+.19F4

F1 infers positive engagement when pupils are in center or right.
F2 when head is in center.
F3 when eyebrows are up or down.
F4 when mouth is in center.

How to decision F1~F4?

F1 - The Affectiva SDK does not provide information about pupil position
F2 - The head orientation metrics provided by the SDK may be useful for this
F3 - Look at the brow raise, inner brow raise, and furrow metrics
F4 - possibly the following metrics would be useful: upper lip raise, lip corner depressor, lip pucker, lip press, lip suck, lip stretch, or mouth open

Also consider the engagement metric provided directly by the SDK itself.

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How can I run this project in my pc?
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Do you know how to pause face detect when click pause button?
can I pause face detect with javascript?
Is there the pause function in Affectiva javascript sdk?

@ming_wang no there is no pause method in javaascript. You can implement one on your end by having a buffer which accumulates frames during pause event and then processes them when you want.