C++ API on OSX?



Hello! I am working on a command-line tool that will use the Affectiva API, and had been planning on using the C++ SDK so that it could be cross-platform (or at least cross-platform-ish) between Linux and OSX. However, it appears that the C++ SDK is Linux-only. Is there any possibility of releasing an OSX-friendly version of the C++ library?


@steven_bedrick Can you elaborate more on the functionality of the tool you are trying to design. I would like to build a good use case so that I can reach out to the SDK Team. Also can you provide the MacOS version you are planning to use?


It’s a tool meant to batch-process large numbers of videos at a time, for use in our research. I can elaborate on the science if you’re interested, but from a technical standpoint, we’ve got lengthy videos of each of our study participants, and need time-series data of their facial expressions and emotional response at each point in the video- so, pretty much a bog-standard use case for the Affectiva SDK, except that we don’t care about real-time analysis of captured video or anything like that. The cloud API is out of the question; for HIPAA reasons, the videos can’t leave our systems.

Right now, we’re using a very old and outdated tool that is not amenable for use in batch-processing videos, and are at a point where manually running videos through this tool has become a massive bottleneck in our analytic pipeline (not to mention a huge waste of time on the part of our RAs). I’m attempting to write a command-line tool that we could use to automate the process, and also to distribute it over our HPC infrastructure. We need to be able to support both OS X as well as Linux, and while I certainly could write two separate tools (one using the Objective-C API for OS X, another using the C++ API for Linux), I’d very much rather not.

As far as the Mac OS version, support for both 10.11 and 10.12 would be good, and of course 10.13 is in the works, I hear. Fortunately, I believe that everything from 10.11 on up is API-compatible.



Hey SB,

Thanks for the feature request … it’s definitely something that we should consider doing.


I’m glad to hear that! Am I correct in assuming/thinking that it should be relatively do-able from a technical standpoint? I’m happy to beta-test if that would be helpful. :slight_smile:


hahaha very doable … actually we have that library created for mac as part of the =Unity SDK.
the tricky part is figuring out packing and releasing the library and all it’s dependencies … For video processing the SDK depends on FFmpeg


Ah, yes. Homebrew on OS X can install ffmpeg (and also OpenCV)… but that is sort of just replacing one 3rd-party dependency for another…