ARM SDK Frame Memory Overflow



I was just trying the affectiva SDK on ARM (Raspbian). C++.
It is running, but I notice that the RAM consumption is increasing 20MB/s.
Like in this Thread (ARM SDK memory leak?), which is already closed.
I noticed that it only happens in the for/while loop, when I call the Frame Class.

Frame f(cameraFrame.size().width,cameraFrame.size().height,,Frame::COLOR_FORMAT::BGR,seconds)


Do I have do destroy it somehow?
If I uncomment the detector. The memory still overflows. If I remove theFrame f command, the memory is stable.
Thanks for any help!


Please try ubuntu on raspi. The problem with memory was only present on raspbian.


I will try that tomorrow. Now 0:10 AM :wink: Will report. You used Ubuntu mate 16.04 for Rasp3?


Tried on Ubuntu Mate 16.04. No Memory overflow detected here. This seems only to appear on Raspbian.


Hi All,

It would be helpful to tell us which compiler and version of libc and libstdc++ on raspbian the issue is observed.


Hi I remember using 5.4.1 gcc, and 5.4.1 g++ version. But I will check tomorrow. Do you know the reason why Raspbian has this issues? It runs on Ubuntu without overflow - same code.

I just tried it with a fresh raspbian stretch. Same memory overflow issues.
gcc (Raspbian 5.4.1-4)
g++ (Raspbian 5.4.1-4)
ldd (Debian GLIBC 2.24-11+deb9u1) 2.24 (libc6,hard-float)

on Ubuntu 16.04 with no problems I use:

gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 5.4.0-6ubuntu1 16.04.04)
g++ (Ubuntu/Linaro 5.4.0-6ubuntu1 16.04.04)
ldd (Ubuntu GLIBC 2.23-0ubuntu9)
libstdc++.so6 (libc6,hard-float)

I used to compile my cpp file on ubuntu and then executed it on ubuntu. No leak. It seems to be a problem with the compiling.


I wonder if the difference in the GCC version is causing the problem, In other words, there may be a bug introduced in GCC 5.4.1 that is causing the issue.


Closing this issue since it seems to come to a resolution.