Affdex SDK for Android x86


I would like to know if Android Affdex SDK is available for x86. It is currently available only for ARM7.



Hi, you’re correct, the current release of Affectiva’s SDK for Android is only for ARM7 (which is also compatible with ARMv8a).

Thanks for the update. Is there a plan/possibility for x86 release??

In same context , I would like to know if it is possible for current SDK to bypass camera service on Android instead use another service to capture video frames.

Hi, we do plan to add support for x86, but I don’t have a timeline currently, sorry.

You can provide frames to the Android SDK from any source by using the FrameDetector class. The CameraDetector class is provided as a convenience for apps that want to integrate with the device camera.

Hi, do you have any info about support arm64-v8a and x86_64? From this month Google not accept applications which not support this architectures. So, unfortunately we can not use this service.