Affdex Dll For Windows




I am new to this. I have downloaded the SDK for Windows. However I am unable to load the dll into my existing project. I am told to mange NuGet which i am not so sure what do i go about installing?

thank you… :slight_smile:
p/s i have tried the sample cam console detector and it works just fine…


so you are using Visual Studio?
Did you set the project to release and x64? (each configuration has its own properties be careful)
This helped me:



Yes, using visual studio & i have changed the necessary.
Its cool, I’ve managed to load the SDK through managing nuGets!


Updated - Okay… so i am facing this error now. Which was not reflected earlier…

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Metadata file \affdex-native.dll’ could not be opened – PE image doesn’t contain managed metadata.


@starr_l can you please refer this documentation ( to get started and to load the dll into your workspace. Also there is a video which was a part of our developer day which walks you through the steps.


Hi umang, this is the error i faced while trying to follow the developer’s day video.

I think this could be due to the difference as I’m creating a webform whereas as for the developer’s day video its a console application.


Sorry as i’m unable to post multiple images at a time, i’m posting numerous times :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Sorry I dint see this, was this solved?